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GRBowler is engineering the first steam ship in the USA to refuel with LNG

ATTENTION GREAT LAKES STEAM SHIP OWNERS! GR Bowler has been awarded the contract to to perform the automation and safety systems engineering for the SS Badger - the first steam ship in the USA to refuel with LNG. In many cases LNG is now the most cost effective clean fuel solution. Read more.


Industrial Controls Marine Controls
GR Bowler will upgrade your system now, to lower emissions and meet the low NOx stack emission requirements of the future. GR Bowler will help you refit your fleets with automated marine engine controls and emission reduction technologies.

Emerson Coriolis Flowmeters

GR BOWLER ENABLES ASSISTANCE TO HAITI "On extremely short notice, GR Bowler, Inc., worked diligently day and night to repair the boiler automation system onboard... " Read the "thank you" letter.

SIEMENS APACS QUADLOG Safety PLC SITRANS P DSIII Pressure Transmitters SIPART PS2 Valve Postioners
Trust G.R. Bowler to automate your industrial or marine controls with Siemens (formerly Moore Products) APACS+ Process Automation System. Siemens (formerly Moore Products) QUADLOG safety matrix is a toolkit for the QUADLOG safety PLC that simultaneously creates a cause and effects matrix diagram and configures the safety system.
All Siemens (formerly Moore Products) SITRANS TM P DSII Pressure Transmitters are smart two-wire transmitters rated intrinsically safe. Control linear or rotary actuators with Siemens (formerly Moore Products) SIPART TM PS2 smart valve positioners. 
Fuel Measuring Systems for Ship Bunkering Control System Migration Services      
Know what you are paying for with Emerson Micro Motion Marine Coriolis and Viscosity Meters. Has your control system reached its projected lifespan? We are Siemens (formerly Moore Products) APACS Process Automation System specialists.    
G.R. Bowler is a Siemens Energy and Automation (formerly Moore Products) Process Automation Solutions PRISM integrator. G.R. Bowler is a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), Instrument Society of America (ISA)National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), and The  Control and Information System Integrators Association (CSIA).

Why G.R. Bowler?
Why Automate?
Featured Projects
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